The rebels are hacking!

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Interviewer: What would you dress up as, if you could?
Jordan: One of the Scooby Gang, from Buffy!

I swear I change favorite characters on this show every five minutes

TV Tropes - Curse Cut Short
A character is part way through saying a rude word when they are abruptly interrupted. Another character may interrupt the speaker, the speaker may interrupt or cut off themselves, or there is simply a cut to another scene.

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Gloria’s bird tattoo is so freaking pretty. 

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Book Nerd Problems | Buying Too Many Books

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how to deal with thirsty guys

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The marvel fandom´s gifing team waiting for the Age of Ultron Trailer like


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this is supposed to be a comedy why am I sobbing?

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i just nerded out because I saw Wither by Lauren DeStefano in the library on Orange is the New Black.

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Emma Swan (✿◠‿◠)

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Do you ever just get something and think: This. This is it. This is my new favourite thing.

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Watching: Teen Wolf, Orange is the New Black, Revenge, Dorktor Who
Reading: A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray
Listeing to: Postmodern Jukebox

"If I can find a library, I'll be okay." - Maya Angelou R.I.P. "She tried so hard to be brave, to be fierce as a wolverine and all, but sometimes she felt like she was just a little girl after all" George R R Martin